Our Brand

So butterflies with Spitfire markings, what does it mean? It sends a very clear message of what you get here at Custard Recruitment. The butterfly symbolises the soft approach. There is no hard sell, no pushiness, just a soft, professional, consultative approach. And the Spitfire markings? They symbolise a team on a mission. Our goal is crystal clear, we are carrying out an important job and intend to keep the safety of those around us at the heart of this mission.

Our clients have varied needs and we are aware that there is not one set style to suit everyone, so we are happy to tailor an approach that works for each organisation. That said, we have a continuous commitment to safeguarding and employment law running through each project we take on.

In the Battle of Britain, when Sir Douglas Bader led his team of Spitfire pilots out to defend our country they were focussed, they had a mission and they would not stop until they had achieved what they were there to do. Here at Custard Recruitment we take a very similar approach. We have a project, we have a timescale and we don’t stop until the job is done to your satisfaction.